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Today I Learned

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ack - an alternative to grep

afplay - play audio files from the commandline on macOS

ag - also known as the Silversurfer, fast alternative to ack and grep

Bash - the Bourne Again Shell

Bootstrap - web framework for fast prototyping

Bruno - an alternative to Postman

carton - tools for handling Perl distributions and dependencies local to a project

chezmoi - dot filer manager

chrome - browser also known as chromium

clang - project for tools for building C, C++ and Objective-C

colortail - colorful variation of tail

CPAN - Perl packages and distributions repository

cpanm - a fast CPAN module installer

cpm - alternative to cpanm

crates - Rust packages

cron - schedule and repeat jobs

css - cascading style sheets, used for styling HTML

curl - a commandline tool for transferring data with URL syntax

Dash.app - an alternative browser to the built-in documentation in macOS and other resources

date - see dates and time on the command line

diff-so-fancy - a diff alternative

DigitalOcean - a hosting provider, caring about open source

Docker - containerization

DockerHub - a repository for Docker images

Dropbox - a cloud storage provider, integrates well with macOS

dzil - Dist::Zilla, a Perl distribution builder

EditorConfig - tool for generic text editor configuration

entr - run arbitrary commands when files change

exa/eza - an alternative to the ls command

FileMerge.app - a diff tool for macOS

find - find files and directories on the command line

Git - version control system

git-delta - an commandline diff tool, also known as delta

GitHub - platform for hosting Git repositories

GitHub Actions - automate your GitHub work and repositories

GnuPG - PGP tools, GNU variant

Go - compiled programming language

grep - see also ag or ack

Hacking - No Comment

Homebrew - package manager for macOS (and Linux)

HTML - HyperText Markup Language

httpie - an alternative to curl

irssi - for all your IRC needs

iTerm.app - an alternative to Terminal.app

JavaScript - see also Node.js

Jenkins - a continuous integration server

Jira - issue tracking and project management

jq - a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor

JSON - see also XML and YAML

Kali - a Linux distribution focused on security and penetration testing

Liquid Prompt - see also Starship

macOS - see OSX

Mail.app - the default mail client on macOS

Markdown - basic markup language, great for documentation

markdownlint - a tool for linting Markdown

Mermaid - awesome tool for generating diagrams from text

Mojolicious - a Perl web framework

MySQL - a relational database

Nginx - a webserver, proxy and load-balancer

npm - Node.js package manager

OpenAPI - a specification for describing RESTful APIs, see also Swagger

OpenSSL - a toolkit for SSL and TLS

Oracle - a relational database

OSX - the operating system for Macs - now known as macOS

Perl - Swiss Army Knife of programming languages

Perlbrew - a tool for managing multiple Perl installations

Perltidy - tidy all your Perl

Postgresql - a relational database

Programming - general programming tips

Probot - a framework for building GitHub Apps

Prolog - a logic programming language

Python - an interpreted programming language

qalc - an easy to use command line calculator

Regexp - regular expressions

Renovate - a bot for automating dependency updates

rm - remove files and directories on the command line

Ruby - an interpreted programming language

Rust - a compiled programming language

sed - stream editor

Shell - general shell tips

shellcheck - a linter for shell scripts

Slack - a collaboration tool

smartcd - a tool for running commands when changing directories

Sublime Text 3 - see also VSCode

Subversion - do see Git

SQL - Structured Query Language

SQL Developer - a GUI tool for Oracle

SQLite - a lightweight relational database

sqlplus - the CLI tool for Oracle

SSH - Secure Shell

Starship - nifty prompt and an alternative to Liquid Prompt

Swagger - tool for describing RESTful APIs, see also OpenAPI

Swift - a compiled programming language from Apple

tar - a tool for archiving files

Terminal.app - do see iTerm.app

tldr - Too Long; Didn’t Read, so use tldr

tmux - an alternative to screen

tokei - language statistics - fast

Ubuntu - a Linux distribution based on Debian

ufw - Uncomplicated Firewall

vim - a text editor

VSCode / Visual Studio Code

VMware Fusion - a virtualization tool for macOS

Vue - a JavaScript framework

WSL 1/2 - Windows Subsystem for Linux

wtf util - a tool for the command line for visualising important information

XML - see also YAML and JSON

YAML - see also XML and JSON

z - for jumping around in the file structures, an alternative to cd

<a id=”zoxide>

zoxide - an alternative to z

zsh - another shell than bash


I have for a long time maintained notes in a public wiki, finding the TIL of Josh Branchaud jbranchaud/til was an eye-opener and I immiediately wanted to try it out, so after a few months I have finally set it up.

I plan to migrate my earlier notes, so they are more easily accessible here as TIL snippets, this will be done when I have the time, one TIL at a time :-)

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