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Play Around with wtf

Do note that this is the customizable CLI Dashboard and not the utility to lookup terms.

wtf is fun, it can be customized using a lot of different modules.

Here are some of my notes.

Placing Modules

In the config the parameters for placing modules are called left and top. Just think cartesian coordinate system and x and yrespectively. Ignore the fact that quadrant IV normally has negative numbers on the y-axis (top) and apply positive numbers.

      0    1    2 (x) left
 0  |    |    |    |
 1  |    |    |    |
 2  |    |    |    |

Indicating timezones

None of the examples contain cities with multipart names for the clock module.

If you want to specify cities with multipart names, the timezone parameter has to use underscore (_) instead of space.

      even: "lightblue"
      odd: "white"
  enabled: true
    Copenhagen: "Europe/Copenhagen"
    Chiba: "Asia/Tokyo"
    New York: "America/New_York"
    Los Angeles: "America/Los_Angeles"
    UTC: "Etc/UTC"

Do note that @senorprogrammer has addressed this issue, as he notified me via Twitter