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Use commit message from file

In the proces of cleaning and migrating a large set of SVN repositories I would put a file in the root of a repository to indicate the status of the repository. These files would either be called:


Indicating the state of the code in the repository.

The file would contain a brief message, with an explanation and with a link to the new repository if migrated.

Often I would find myself echoing the same information into the log message, until it struck me that there had to be a better (faster) way of doing this and it appears that SVN supports this

$ svn add MIGRATED
$ svn commit --force-log -F MIGRATED MIGRATED

Please note the --force-log, which has to be used because the file is under revision control.


  • http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/svn.ref.svn.c.commit.html