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Use smartcd with tabs

I am using smartcd together with Liquid Prompt in Apples Terminal.app

This was causing me some grief, since things would only work when entering a directory, not when opening a new tab.

So I raised an Github issue and luckily there was somebody helpful and more knowledgable on the innerworkings of bash who could help me.

In essence, load Liquid Prompt prior to smartcd

# liquid prompt
# ref: https://github.com/nojhan/liquidprompt
[[ $- = *i* ]] && source $HOME/develop/github/liquidprompt/liquidprompt

# smartcd
# ref: https://github.com/cxreg/smartcd
[ -r "$HOME/.smartcd_config" ] && ( [ -n $BASH_VERSION ] || [ -n $ZSH_VERSION ] ) && source ~/.smartcd_config