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Formatting Code

Rust has a very nifty code formatter for prettyprinting you code.

You can use it via cargo

$ cargo fmt

It is available via rustfmt (earlier cargo-fmt)

More details on invocation:

$ cargo fmt --help
cargo-fmt 1.4.11
This utility formats all bin and lib files of the current crate using rustfmt.

    cargo fmt [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [-- <rustfmt-options>...]

        --all        Format all packages (only usable in workspaces)
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -q, --quiet      No output printed to stdout
    -v, --verbose    Use verbose output
        --version    Print rustfmt version and exit

        --manifest-path <manifest-path>      Specify path to Cargo.toml
        --message-format <message-format>    Specify message-format: short|json|human
    -p, --package <package>...               Specify package to format (only usable in workspaces)

    <rustfmt-options>...    Options passed to rustfmt