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This GitHub automation is really nice if you want to have reviews and issues auto-assigned.

# Set to true to add reviewers to pull requests
addReviewers: true

# Set to true to add assignees to pull requests
addAssignees: true

# A list of reviewers to be added to pull requests (GitHub user name)
  - jonasbn

# A list of keywords to be skipped the process that add reviewers if pull requests include it
#  - wip

# A number of reviewers added to the pull request
# Set 0 to add all the reviewers (default: 0)
numberOfReviewers: 0

# A list of assignees, overrides reviewers if set
  - jonasbn

# A number of assignees to add to the pull request
# Set to 0 to add all of the assignees.
# Uses numberOfReviewers if unset.
# numberOfAssignees: 2

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