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Read Markdown in Terminal

I often have the need for quickly reading Markdown on the command line.

Luckily there are tools like mdless.

BUT! there are several implementations.

  1. mdless written in Ruby by Brett Terpstra, which can be installed via npm, does not particularly beautifully, have tested in the README of this repository
  2. mdless written in JavaScript by Michael Burkman, which can be installed as a Gem, does not render code snippets
  3. mdr tested with the README of this repository, did not render fast enough for my … patience

And there are probably plenty of other alternatives out there

None of the ones I have tested have been completely satisfying

But I still have the need, so I will keep monitoring the market and continuously evaluate what is out there and hopefully will some of the listed implementations evolve to be pretty, useful and fast :-)

Please check Reddit for more recommendations in this field.

Resources and References

  • mdless written in Ruby by Brett Terpstra, see also the website
  • mdless written in JavaScript by Michael Burkman
  • mdp by Michael Göhler written in C, which is for Markdown presentations
  • mdr by Jake (or Mr Chimp) also written in JavaScript
  • Reddit