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Schedule Runs

GitHub Actions can be scheduled to run at a given time or interval. To express this the action should be configured using crontab notation.

So when you have a workflow, you can add a schedule to the on hook like so:

  - cron: "0 0 * * *"

For more information, do see the introductory blog post by Jason Etcovitch: , which gives a nice overview.

I have some repositories where much do not happen, so in order to make sure they still build I have added the following schedule.

  - cron: '0 10 */30 * *'

This schedules builds, tests and emits a coverage report for this particular repository every 30 days (around every month), so even though I do not commit anything, I make sure that things are still working.

Do note the hour is 10:00 UTC, so if it fails I will get a notification in the morning.

The example is lifted from my punycode project, see the file: go.yml.

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