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Use exa

exa is an alternative to ls.

One of it’s features is show icons on the command line.

This does however require a font that supports this, like Nerd (see this issue).

On MacOS you can do the following:

$ brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
$ brew install --cask font-hack-nerd-font

And the pick the font in your terminal application.

I am currently using the following aliases:

alias ls='exa --grid --color auto --icons --sort=type'
alias ll='exa --long --color always --icons --sort=type'
alias la='exa --grid --all --color auto --icons --sort=type'
alias lla='exa --long --all --color auto --icons --sort=type'

Resources and References

  1. the.exa.website
  2. dev.to: “My terminal became more Rusty 🦀” by Mahmoud Ashraf
  3. Install Nerd fonts on Linux