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Enforce EditorConfig using eclint

If you are using EditorConfig for your favorite editor, you most certainly will need to have eclint in your toolbox.

EditorConfig works on new code and does not change existing code. This is actually quite reasonable since enabling EditorConfig should not change the layout of all your code just for kicks. That would result in huge diffs and might me interfering with what else you might be working on - changing your code should be a separate commit and a cognizant action.

Luckily we have eclint.

eclint can:

  • validate that we adhere to our EditorConfig settings using --check
  • apply our EditorConfig settings using --fix
  • and finally tell us what our EditorConfig setting are using --infer

eclint can do a bunch of other tricks, but these 3 are the primary ones and --fix can be used to make a deliberate change to all of your code to make it adhere to your EditorConfig settings.