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Use Long Names for Your Base Images

When you are a consumer of base images from DockerHub, do yourself the favor of using the long names.

In your Dockerfile if you just specify the short name:

FROM perl:5.34.0

REF: GitHub: jonasbn/ebirah

You cannot see what base image, this is based on, so when you can to investigate potential security issues etc. you first have to find out what operating system and version you are based on.

perl:5.34.0 is the equivalent of: 5.34.0-bullseye

And also all of these variations are available.

- 5.34.0, 5.34, 5, latest, 5.34.0-bullseye, 5.34-bullseye, 5-bullseye, bullseye
- 5.34.0-buster, 5.34-buster, 5-buster, buster
- 5.34.0-slim, 5.34-slim, 5-slim, slim, 5.34.0-slim-bullseye, 5.34-slim-bullseye, 5-slim-bullseye, slim-bullseye
- 5.34.0-slim-buster, 5.34-slim-buster, 5-slim-buster, slim-buster
- 5.34.0-threaded, 5.34-threaded, 5-threaded, threaded, 5.34.0-threaded-bullseye, 5.34-threaded-bullseye, 5-threaded-bullseye, threaded-bullseye
- 5.34.0-threaded-buster, 5.34-threaded-buster, 5-threaded-buster, threaded-buster
- 5.34.0-slim-threaded, 5.34-slim-threaded, 5-slim-threaded, slim-threaded, 5.34.0-slim-threaded-bullseye, 5.34-slim-threaded-bullseye, 5-slim-threaded-bullseye, slim-threaded-bullseye
- 5.34.0-slim-threaded-buster, 5.34-slim-threaded-buster, 5-slim-threaded-buster, slim-threaded-buster

Additional examples for Ruby and Python, where I recommend the same pattern.

FROM ruby:3.1.0-bullseye

REF: GitHub: jonasbn/docker-cheatset

FROM python:3.10.2-slim as spellcheck-builder

REF: GitHub: rojopolis/spellcheck-github-actions

Bonus Material

  1. You can configure Dependabot to assist you in keeping your Docker images up to date
  2. You can use Snyk to do security audits of your Docker images

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