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Use Bashmarks

Bashmarks a nifty too for cool shortcuts for directories you often use.

Firstly you can save bookmarks, you probably has some Shell aliases or symbolic links for accomplishing the same thing.

$ cd develop
$ s dev

You can list your bookmarks.

$ l
dev    /Users/jonasbn/develop

Now when you want go to your bookmark, you simply type g followed by your bookmark name

$ g dev
$ pwd

This is the official manual lifted from the GitHub page

s <bookmark_name> - Saves the current directory as "bookmark_name"
g <bookmark_name> - Goes (cd) to the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
p <bookmark_name> - Prints the directory associated with "bookmark_name"
d <bookmark_name> - Deletes the bookmark
l                 - Lists all available bookmarks

All of your directory bookmarks are saved in a file called “.sdirs” in your HOME directory.

$ bat ~/.sdirs
       │ File: /Users/jonasbn/.sdirs
   1   │ export DIR_dev="$HOME/develop"

An alternative is z, check my til on z

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